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Our Services

- Developing and presenting a customized Personal Financial Process and Plan

- Creating a plan and roadmap for addressing education financing needs for family members

- Reviewing and recommending investment allocations in retirement savings accounts (401k, 403b, 457 and IRAs  

- Discussing the financial elements of Estate Planning and reviewing the elements that should be in place, including the appropriateness of Wills, Trusts, Insurance and Power of Attorneys for medical and legal.  Appropriate referrals  will be made in areas outside my expertise.

- Reviewing financial issues relative to a client's tax issue.  I believe every American should pay their fair share of income tax - but not a dollar more!

- Creating a Retirement Income Plan focusing on your goals for income and spending during retirement years.  This includes Social Security claiming strategies, making the most tax efficient decisions for drawing funds from accumulated savings, and determining the best asset allocation and diversification based on income needs and risk tolerance.